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Besides trying to get people to buy into your product and your brand you also have to get people to buy into you! You'll be accessed in the following areas:

Vision - is your desired goal realistic and achievable within reason to your current abilities, resources and life situation? Are you trying to run before you can walk? Are you being driving by your own inexperience and emotional romantic desires? You have to catch yourself! Sometimes your mind isn't serving you well lol

Character - your integrity is a major factor here, do you do what you say and say what you do? Are you transparent? Can you be trusted? *transparent people are predictable, in business this drives confidence we like certainty over risk.

Background - what specialized knowledge do you have to achieve this goal? Have you done any research or taken any courses?

Experience - most importantly have you done the task before? Do you have the skills? Can you handle the task? Whats your track record?

*There's two ways to go about this, there's the scientific logical plan approach or the learn as you ago, drifting emotional approach. You'll find the latter is much more costly and painful

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