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Before there’s any chance of a prospect buying a product they first have to be ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN that the product makes sense to them in the sense that if fulfils their needs, to eliminating any pain they might have to even being good value for money.

There’s two types of CERTAINTY, you've heard people don't buy on logic they buy on emotion and justify their decision with logic, here's the science behind that..

Logical Certainty - is the logical mind its analytical by nature it serves as the human B.S detector, it stops us from being swept away by our emotions if things don't add up logically.

Emotional Certainty - has to do with painting your prospect a picture of the future where they've bought your product and can see themselves using your product and feeling good as a result of it. The technique is called 'future pacing' and it serves as the backbone of how to move someone emotionally.

You have to create both types of certainty logical and emotional.

*if you ever bought a product or service try recall what was the logical and emotional reason that convinced you to BUY-IN, when i started doing that i stopped a lot of impulse purchasing and started detecting a lot of charlatans especially with politicians and pastors!

- Learn the Jedi Mind Tricks.

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