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Learn the Science of selling (very important), learn about..

- The Certainty Scale

- The Three Tens

- Objections

The are three key elements that must line up in any prospects mind before you have a shot at closing them, this is called the 'Three Tens' with the context being a prospect's current state of certainty on a scale from one to ten.

For example if the prospects currently at a "one", then they are in a state of absolute uncertainty at that moment. If a prospect is currently at a "ten" on the certainty scale, then it means he or she is in a state of absolute certainty at that moment

The Three Tens

1. The product, idea, concept - the prospect must be absolute certain that they love your product.

2. You, trust and connect with you - they think you're a likeable, trustworthy person, who is not only a expert in your field but also prides yourself on putting customer's needs first and making sure that if any problems arise you'll be right there on the spot to resolve them.

3. The prospect must trust and connect with the company - this is why it's so much easier to sell to existing customers than to new ones, even if you don't have a personal relationship with them. The fact that they have an existing relationship with your company means that the third Ten has already been established, leaving you with only the first and second Ten to address.

Objections - are smoke screens for uncertainty for one or all of the Three Tens. Like if you ask for the order and your prospect is not high enough on the certainty scale, then they'll throw out a smoke screen in the form of one of the common objections, as opposed to coming clean with you, which would mean revealing specifically which one of the Three Tens is holding them back.

Taken from the Wolf of Wall Street 'Straight Line System' every sales interaction is a STRAIGHT LINE! Learn the Science

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