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Corporate Business Institute

Teaching corporate business principles to the community
About the founder,

Hi! My name is Kobbi and i'm an aspiring philosopher and entrepreneur my formal education consists of having an advanced vocational business studies certificate of education award and a BA (Hons) Accounting and Finance Degree.

My accounting history began in 2011 working for an accountancy practice in Covent Garden whom's client base was in retail, TV and music production. I was personally assigned to a business called Stephen Jones Millinery (Stephen Jones is famous for making hats for the Queen of the United Kingdom and for famous music artists like Jamiroquai amongst others) Since moving on i've been working as a contractor having being placed at major corporations such as Universal Music, Golar LNG and Group M at the same time building my own bookkeeping practice on the side.  


The Problem

In my pursuit to gain my ACCA accounting qualification I had a realisation that although the finance and accounting function of a business is a vital business operation the success of a business is by far determined by the sales and marketing function. In all the businesses I have had the privilege of being exposed to the sales & marketing department was where the life and action was and I wanted in!

At the same time in the world of small business and up & coming entrepreneurs I noticed a pattern that the inexperienced tend to not value business education not even the science of selling.


This inspired my journey researching the key skills an entrepreneur should develop before setting out to build a business.



The Solution

Corporate Business 5* Star Principle Ideology

After compiling the research I developed a business philosophy I would love to share with the world, I call it 'the Science of Corporate Business' and It's about the art of executive decision making whilst practising the science of building a corporation. Developing your business knowledge and skills around 5* key areas on order to grow your business efficiently and effectively.

Its the reconciliation of business and spiritual concepts, think your regular business text book meeting Napoleon Hills Think and Grow Rich and Robert T Kiyosaki's Rich Dad Poor Dad having a baby!

The *5 Star Principles really is profound.. it's:

1. Mission, Goals and Objectives meeting definite of purpose

2. Sales & Marketing meeting service & persistence

3. Production & Operations System meeting faith and organized planning

4. Tetra Team meeting synergy and co operation

5. Accounting & Finance meeting discipline and accountability

*Is you - The entrepreneurs character, background and qualifications.

When you learn the metaphysics of business you'll be able to practice the science in any business within any industry, service at it's highest form is very spiritual. 

"It's like business engineering, business architecture or even business radiography.. it's corporate business"


- Kobbi Appiagyei

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